My name is Oleg Korzun.

I am a London based videographer.


Why video?

Nowadays people tend to read less, and watch more.


Types of videos:

  • Corporate video (CEO or team interview, testimonial video, company message)
  • Event video (conferences, presentations, events, workshops)
  • Training video (staff and HR training, health and safety)
  • Legacy video (memoirs, time capsule, good will)
  • Time-lapse video (process illustration, cityscape)
  • Documentary (company or family history)


Why me?

As a former TV journalist, I know what questions to ask to make your story whole.

As an entrepreneur, I know what drives your customers.

To keep filming under control (both logistics and budget wise), I work solo.


For examples of my most recent videos please click here.

To see what video gear I use, please click here.